11:52 PM EDT, Wed May 27, 2015

Tom Gilbert scores to save a bit of face for the Canadiens

The Canadiens are getting blown out, but look at the bright side, they scored two goals. While the Montreal Canadiens have been getting lit up by the Tampa Bay Lightning with a historically awful night shorthanded, Tom Gilbert broke a run of five straight Lightning goals with one of his own, bringing the Canadiens to two goals on the night, which is actually above average for these playoffs. The goal was Gilbert's second of the playoffs, with his other goal being the Habs' only marker in a 5-1 blowout at the hands of the Senators in round 1. Follow @PeteBlackburn

Tom Gilbert: on the scene of the crime

Montreal's veteran defenseman is often unfairly pegged as the "fall guy," but he's not playing guilt-free hockey either. Montreal's number 77 is a hard player to evaluate objectively. In the first half of his career (the non-playoff years with the Oilers and leading up to his buy-out from the Minnesota Wild), Gilbert was relied upon to carry the flag on teams which were not very deep, or very good. He outperformed expectations in tough minutes but was never interested in hitting everything that moves and didn't put a ton of points on the board. Because of that, mainstream media and the...

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