2:23 AM EDT, Sat May 30, 2015

Tweet Salad

Lots of Bruins sightings in today's Salad For those generously offering donations, thank you but we encourage you to instead donate to @ColonCancerCDA @TerryFoxCanada or cancer.ca — General Fanager (@generalfanager) May 7, 2015 David Krejci watching South Carolina-Florida in ECHL playoffs in Charleston, SC tonight, according to my friend @APMILLER_PandC . — Mark Divver (@MarkDivver) May 7, 2015 Texts I get in school...only my mom hangs out with Tuukka Rask while I'm in school pic.twitter.com/zUNTQENCQP — Katelyn Delaney (@KatelynDelaney7) May 5, 2015 ...

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