3:50 AM EDT, Fri September 04, 2015
Defending Big D Sep 2, 2015

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Sharp and Seguin vs. Sharp and Spezza

TSN's Travis Yost argues that Patrick Sharp should be on a line with Tyler Seguin, not Jason Spezza. Plus, Valeri Nichushkin is pain-free and ready to hit the ice, and a look at the Stars' Finnish contingent. Since Patrick Sharp landed in Dallas, Lindy Ruff has hinted that he'll find himself on a line with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. According to TSN's Travis Yost, keeping Sharp with Seguin—as opposed to putting him with Jason Spezza—makes the most sense for the team. For the most part, the argument stems from Seguin being the closest player the Stars have to Jonathan Toews, who Yost...
Defending Big D Aug 30, 2015

Tyler Seguin and Bob Bassen Suit Up for Sled Hockey at StarCenter Farmers Branch

Star(s) power carried the day at an exhibition game benefiting the Dallas Sled Hockey Team on Saturday. Even an NHL star can be forgiven for not knowing all the intricacies of sled hockey equipment. That said, he'll still get the business for it, just so you know. "Once again, folks, the only professional player is the one holding up the game," joked the P.A. announcer after telling the crowd that the match could begin after Tyler Seguin had put on his ankle pads. Seguin and Bob Bassen, president of the Dallas Stars Alumni Association, joined the Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association...

Tyler Seguin and Jordie Benn among Stars players to participate in sled hockey game Saturday

Here is the press release: WHAT: Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin will participate on Saturday night in a charity sled hockey game benefitting the Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association (SWAA). Stars defenseman Jordie Benn and members of the Dallas Stars Alumni … [visit site to read more]

Tyler Seguin on potential for ads on jerseys: `I'm not really with it or against it.'

Toronto Sun reporter Lance Hornby talked to players at the BioSteel Camp in Toronto this week about the rumors that the NHL could place ads on hockey jerseys. TSN originally broke that story. Read about it here. Stars center Tyler …
Defending Big D Aug 13, 2015

Is Tyler Seguin the Heir to Sidney Crosby's Title As the Best Hockey Player in the World?

There are people who think so. Discuss. Most of us probably assumed that 2015 was the Summer of Connor McDavid. The most hotly hyped hockey talent in 10 years went No. 1 in the NHL Draft, as everyone predicted, and triggered a rapturous moment of selection for the lucky lottery winners at the Edmonton Oilers, as previously ordained. But what if The Next One — the heir to Sidney Crosby, who was the heir to Wayne Gretzky — is already a fixture in the league? What if he's maturing into the role rather than springing full-grown from the hockey gods' heads? Chris Peters of CBS Sports has...
Defending Big D Aug 11, 2015

Shootouts Are Weird: Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin Edition

Why is Jamie Benn so ineffective on the shootout compared to Tyler Seguin? Over the last two years Jamie Benn has been about as good of a player as you could possibly hope for him to be. This fact makes his utter failure to contribute in the shootout puzzling. Over the past two seasons Benn is 2/13 in the shootout after hitting on 60% of his shots in 2012 and 2013. We don't have video of those successes, but the video evidence of what has been going on the past two years is alive and well on GCL. Benn essentially does the same thing every time. This is a pretty commonly held belief, and it...

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