12:11 AM EDT, Sat May 23, 2015
Nucks Misconduct May 14, 2015

2015 IIHF Quarter Finals- Canada vs Belarus

Today's game is brought to you by: My phone. Shutting off during the night for no particular reason, despite being fully charged. That's garbage. That's unacceptable. That's my phone. My apologies for not being here ready to go this morning, but my alarm didn't go off as scheduled thanks to the shiny, silver turd that is my phone. Anyway, if you had any doubts about Canada blowing this game in some kind of Kostitsyn-led nightmare, fear not. They jumped out to an early lead, and are in full command, leading 4-0 after 1 period of play. Brent Burns, Tyler Ennis, Ryan O'Reilly and Tyler Seguin...
Nucks Misconduct May 9, 2015


Tampa looks to close the deal on their series with the Canadiens, the Rangers squeak one out to stay alive, and we can almost stop talking about the Flames soon, thank dog. First of all, boo to the Canada/France game being on at 3:00 am PDT. Anyway, they pulled out a 4-3 win over France and guaranteed themselves a spot in the Quarter-Finals. Jordan Eberle and Tyler Seguin each scored twice for Canada, who move to 5-0 and have a game against a much tougher opponent in the Swiss tomorrow morning, also at the ungodly hour of 3 am. Tonight Montreal look to keep their season alive as they take...
Defending Big D May 8, 2015

Dallas Stars Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn Get Punked....By Their Moms

Mama Seguin and Mama Benn get some payback on their sons after their Valentine's Day shenanigans. Revenge is a dish best served cold. In response to Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn pranking their moms on Valentine's Day with fake proposal news, Jackie Seguin and Heather Benn throw some cold water on their superstars' professional and personal lives: Having your mom live with you when you're 23-25 years old and single? Cold. Just cold. Here's my favorite parts of this prank the moms pulled over on the two Dallas Stars superstars. 1) Jackie Seguin really knows how to sell the idea of her...
Defending Big D May 4, 2015

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tyler Seguin Enjoying Return to Prague for IIHF World Championships

Seguin is finding Europe to be a pretty nice place, although it's no Stanley Cup Playoffs. Also, Brandon Prust is pretty miffed at Brad Watson, and Ovechkin is just the absolutely best goal-scorer ever; you should write him fifty fan letters. Can you guess which arena Tyler Seguin scored his first NHL goal in?  Go on, guess.  WRONG, YOU ARE ALL WRONG.  In fact, Seguin scored his first goal against the Coyotes...in Prague.  Yes, turns out Seguin was on the Bruins way back when 1) they were actually good, and 2) the NHL decided that Europe wasn't that excited about hockey, so why not...
Defending Big D Apr 29, 2015

Playing In The 2015 IIHF World Championships Will Be A Great Opportunity For Tyler Seguin

The young Dallas Stars superstar has an impressive resume so far. Now he'll add international experience to it As far as 23 year-old hockey players go, Tyler Seguin has certainly accomplished a heck of a lot already in his career. He's won the Stanley Cup, and played in another finals. He's taken part in the All-Star Game. He's one of the highest-scoring players in the NHL, and could have easily won the Art Ross Trophy as the league's top scorer this season if a knee injury hadn't cost him 10 games. One thing that Seguin hasn't done very much of yet, however, is represent his home country...

Stars center Tyler Seguin can gain a lot from participation in World Championships

Tyler Seguin hasn’t been able to wear the Maple Leaf of Team Canada much in his life. The Ivan Hlinka tournament in 2009. The Spengler Cup in 2012 _ it’s been a mixed bag. So it wasn’t a tough decision …
Defending Big D Apr 22, 2015

Actually Comparing Tyler Seguin and Jason Spezza to Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby

How did the Stars' top two middlemen compare to the best in the league? We can actually ask this question with a straight face now. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are one of the best duos in the league without a doubt.  The comparisons are often made to Kane and Toews or Getzlaf and Perry, and there's a reason for that.  Did anyone on here think Jamie Benn was going to be the one taking home scoring hardware this year?   Even if you had told me that Seguin would miss a chunk of games, I think most of us would have assumed that his absence would have negatively affected Benn's production,...

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