1:48 PM EST, Tue March 03, 2015
Broad Street Hockey Feb 27, 2015

Flyers trade rumors 2015: Will anybody actually take Vincent Lecavalier?

Can the Flyers salvage any value from their most recent free agent fiasco? There are few, if any Flyers fans who would have major qualms about trading Lecavalier at the NHL trade deadline. From the start his tenure in Philadelphia has been underwhelming at best and outright detrimental to the team at worst. Given that he is 34 years old, the former superstar is only going to depreciate in value moving forward. The question isn't really should the Flyers trade Lecavalier, it's can they trade Lecavalier to anyone? The case for trading Vinny Signed at $4.5 million AAV until the offseason...
Rotoworld Feb 5, 2015

Vincent Lecavalier has two point night - Vincent Lecavalier (C) Philadelphia Flyers

Vinny Lecavalier notched two assists for the Flyers in their 3-2 loss to the Islanders on Thursday night.

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