11:08 AM EDT, Thu August 28, 2014
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St. Louis Game Time 20 hours ago

Beyond Checkerdome #50: Poddiversary

And now time for a Very Special Episode of Beyond Checkerdome Every show has Very Special Episodes... and we're no different. On this show we celebrate a year of Beyond Checkerdome by ... doing someone else's show entirely. Take a listen as we walk down memory lane, enjoy a few shots, and celebrate the now-defunct Hockey Card Show. Give it a listen, eh? For a download link, click HERE As we pass the 1-year mark and head into the new season, we really want to thank all of you guys for supporting us in this endeavor. We're just two hockey fans with something to say,...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 27, 2014
Wednesday Links: Now the Monkeys Cannot Bite Me!

Wednesday Links: Now the Monkeys Cannot Bite Me!

Click dat stuff. So we're going every other day the rest of August. Just go with it. BLUES NEWS: As you may have heard by now, the Blues showcased the new jerseys on Monday. They're pretty flipping sweet. [SLGT] Earlier Monday, our returning locals from Chaminade, Paul Stastny and Chris Butler , stopped by their old stomping grounds. [STLToday] Speaking of The Prodigal Son/Younger Brother, apparently Doug Armstrong held a meeting with David Backes and Alexander Steen before bringing in the high profile center. [NHL.com] Meanwhile, Jaden Schwartz is still a restricted free agent, and...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 25, 2014

Blues Reveal Old-Style New Jerseys: Pass Or Fail? (Hint: It's Pass)

The Blues' new duds are a blast from the past, and a back to basics look. Say so long to the RBK Edge era. Oh man, oh man. The Blues new jerseys? Gorgeous. Sure, that's my personal opinion, but I have a feeling that a lot of you guys will share it. What do these look like? PHOTOS: The new jerseys bring back a more traditional look. >>> http://t.co/qkZJ92J5dM #stlblues pic.twitter.com/2ornTrcfdq — St. Louis Blues (@StLouisBlues) August 25, 2014 Why, they look like the CCMs and KOHOs that I'm sure most of you have in your closet. Those jerseys, which began as an alternative to...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 25, 2014
Monday Links: Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure

Monday Links: Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure

Get your link-clicking fix while you continue getting your Simpsons-watching fix. Unless you're working - sorry to hear that. I too often have things that keep me from linking for you guys, and I'm sorry about that. But I'm not going to bullshit you about yesterday - I fell asleep watching The Simpsons marathon and couldn't pull my ass out of bed early enough to finish a post before work. And yes, I'm also currently watching The Simpsons marathon, why do you ask? Hey, shall we link? BLUES NEWS: Tonight, as you may have heard, will be the Blues Ice Breaker event at Ballpark Village at...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 24, 2014

Blues Jersey Reveal/Paul Stastny Welcome Monday Night

Are you going? Would you like to help people who can't make it feel like they're there? Sure you do. In case you don't follow the Blues on any social media platform and haven't watched a Cardinals game this week, Monday night at Ballpark Village is kind of a big deal. The Blues' new jerseys will be unveiled, and hometown boy Paul Stastny will be introduced along with the captains for this season. A lot of us are out of town and can't go, or work, or have other previous commitments. That is where you in-town,work and commitment free people come in. St. Louis Game Time is asking for your...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 24, 2014

St. Louis Game Time Fantasy Hockey Is GO

It's that time of year again - make your predictions and watch your best players get injured! Most of you guys know the drill - there are four Game Time fantasy leagues. If your team is already in one, please renew the darn thing ASAP. If you don't want to participate, please remove your team as soon as you can so new folks can sign up for the leagues. I'll be finalizing the team lists three days before the draft so we don't have any last-minute issues like we had last year, so please make sure you do what you need to do with your teams! Please disregard the draft date and time that're...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 23, 2014

Quality of Competition

QOC is a metric that tries to quantify the quality of your opponent. I'm getting tired of this guy's picture. When we post an article, we get a gallery of suggested photos. For almost two months, it's been Austin Poganski. One more reason I can hardly wait for training camp to start. Quality of Competition obviously matters. If you play better opponents, you will have less success. QOC tries to quantify the quality of your opponent. Teams The QOC metric for teams is Corsi QOC. For teams, it's pretty easy to calculate. If the Blues have a Corsi of +5, their QOC as an opponent...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 23, 2014

Saturday Links - I'm Shovin' Off

Flashback Friday. Blues Alumni in Slovakia. Sharks are weird. DoPS still don't know. Blackhawks disappointments. Hitchhiking robot. Terrifying mascots. And awesome Attack on Titan music goes with anything. Saturday! Here's my last one of THESE things for a while. BLUES NEWS: RBR put up a game preview of the Blues vs. Blackhawks from 2003 . . . [SLGT] . . . and a GDT. And like SLGT in 2003, no one was here. [SLGT] Here's the NHL's report on the Blues alumni traveling to Slovakia to help people. [NHL.com] HOCKEY NEWS: Two pieces about the bumbling Sharks offseason. First, Ryan...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 22, 2014

St. Louis Game Time's Flashback Friday: 2003 Western Conference Quarterfinal, Game 1

Remember when the Blues were capable of beating the Blackhawks in a playoff series? Good times. I will always remember the 1993 sweep of the Chicago Blackhawks. Ed Belfour pitching a holy hissy fit will forever be something that I treasure, even if those front pages of the Post-Dispatch that I saved are lost to the ages. The next time the Blues met the Hawks in the playoffs it was in 2003 under the coaching genius of current Chicago coach Joel Quenneville. A few years before he was fired because that's the kind of shit that our hockey team does, Coach Q was racking up the wins. Tonight is...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 22, 2014

Its Time for The STLGT Flashback Friday!

Well it seems my original posts yesterday were eaten by one of those gosh darn sharks that keep attacking the internet. So Instead everyone gets to enjoy a Flashback Friday! This week you voted and a it was a nail biter. With 46% of the Vote today we will fire up our TARDIS(..es?) and Delorians and head back to April 23, 2002 when your St. Louis Blues took on the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals. This game did NOT take place in 2003 as originally posted. NHL.com apparently never does their research or look at the dates on their game tapes!* The Blues were...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 22, 2014
Friday Links - Fish Eats Shark

Friday Links - Fish Eats Shark

Logo rank thoughts. Corsi Rel. Walt likes it. St. Louis 67's. Amateurism. Connor McHockey. Bolts disappointment. Ice lawsuits. Chrome all-stars? Dumb ManU fan. War of 1812. And TRIPLE VIDEO ACTION. Get your freakin' weekend started. Love you, Mom. BLUES NEWS: Hildy shares her thoughts on the Blues earning a #3 ranking from The Hockey News in their logo rankings. [SLGT] CanesAndBluesFan shares some thoughts he had written down (typed out?) about Corsi Rel a couple years ago. [SLGT] Keith Tkachuk is a few years (and from all reports, about 100 pounds) removed from the Blues, but he does...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 21, 2014

Corsi Rel

Corsi Rel is supposed to be a measure of player performance relative to his teammates. Corsi Rel has some problems. I originally wrote some of this last summer but never posted it. So the correlations below talk about the Blues 2011-12 data. Hopefully, most people are familiar with Corsi. Corsi On is another name for Corsi. It's the Corsi generated when a player is ON the ice. You can also calculate Corsi Off, which is the Corsi that happens on the ice while the player is OFF the ice. Corsi Rel is Corsi On – Corsi Off. Silver Sevens said, "Corsi Rel is a relatively simplistic...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 21, 2014

The Hockey News Logo Rankings: Blues Classic Logo At Number Three

The uniforms since the RBK era haven't been the best, but you can't deny that the logo is excellent. The Hockey News has been pretty obviously bored this summer, what with their lists and awards for grit and competitiveness (congrats, David Backes!) and whatnot. I'm about 100% sure that they've done this before, but they're listing the top logos in the NHL, and the Blues have come in at number three. From the article: The Blue Note has represented St. Louis’ NHL team since its inception in 1967, with some alterations along the way. It’s a symbol that stands not just for the team, but...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 21, 2014

Thursday Links - Doctoring the TARDIS

Blues logo #3. Pavol. Love/Hate. Power Rankings. Draft lottery tweak. Disappointing Canadiens? Lawsuits. Kevin Hayes again. Simpsons marathon plan. Born in flight? And something dumb. Thursday. CLICKY CLICKY. BLUES NEWS: A follow-up to adroq's link from yesterday. . . THN named the Blues number three in their logo contest. This means ahead of the Blues are the Blackhawks (bleh) and . . . the fucking Coyotes? WHAT?! [The Hockey News] A Blues delegation has arrived in Slovakia to raise funds for the Demitra fund, in honor of their old pal Pavol Demitra. [SLGT FanShots] Our pal Sarah...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 20, 2014

Wednesday Links - Disco Star Wars

Reavo's on Twitter, but I have a shitload of other things to tell you about, so just get to clicking, Goddamnit. IT'S HUMP DAY. Busy links day? Goddamn right. So let's get to clicking! BLUES NEWS: Blues enforcer Ryan Reaves is on Twitter, and this time it was verified by the team, the press AND a couple players (and if Chris Pinkert does his job .  . by Twitter, eventually, with a blue checkmark). Give him a follow, eh? [Twitter / @rreaves75] HOCKEY NEWS: The Red Wings' logo is number four on The Hockey News's NHL logo rankings. This means the Blues are in the top three. Also, it goes...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 19, 2014

Tuesday Links - Who's This Kevin Hayes Guy Anyway?

Throwback. b/r blows. AHL scheduling process. Kevin Hayes. Sonny Milano. Doughty cartoon. Combine relocation. Crazy predictions. Disappointment. Michael Leighton. Arizona hockey. Craziness. Cows. Owls. CFL. And great goals. No, I really don't know much about this Kevin Hayes dude. Is he good? BLUES NEWS: Help Ashley, AKA "FalsifiedIncredibleHumanoid", figure out what Blues game from the NHL GameCenter archives we want to throw back to this Thursday! All good options. [SLGT] Only linking to this because it was sent to me (by someone who, admittedly, didn't know better). But this is the...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 17, 2014

Are the Blues goalies a question mark?

Why is the MSM worried about Elliott and Allen? J-Mill linked to this NHL.com article that asked “Can the Blues compete for the Cup with their revamped goaltending?” Uh, yeah! Am I worried about Brian Elliott? Hell no. Here's Elliott's numbers over his Blues career: ...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 16, 2014

Saturday Links: A Grand Old Team

Click it or ticket. ...okay, just click it. BLUES NEWS: Do you have a question about the Blues' upcoming season? Well, if it's one of these five questions, you don't have to wait to have them answered! [Blues] Jori Lehtera could be the Blues' secret weapon this year. Army's happy he's here, that's for sure. [Blues] HOCKEY NEWS: Former Mighty Ducks goalie (and, not counting Chris Pronger, the last remaining Hartford Whaler) J.S. Giguere will announce his retirement next week, according to sources. [TSN] As part of PHT's coverage of the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday, good St. Louis...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 15, 2014

Friday Links: Bitter, Twisted, & Proud

Weekend links are back and better than ever! ...well, they're back at least. This has been a pretty crazy week...but it sounds like it's getting better. We're also closer to there being hockey, so of course it's getting better. BLUES NEWS The DrinkScotch Center looks pretty swanky in the NHL 15 promos. [SLGT] DanGNR got to see Blues draft pick Ivan Barbashev in a WJC summer development game during his recent trip to Montreal. Here his story and see some pics! [SLGT Fanpost] Sad news this morning as former Blues coach Al Arbour has been suffering from dementia. Arbour is 2nd winningest...
St. Louis Game Time Aug 14, 2014

Type 1 Error, Analytics, and the NHL

I channel my inner curmudgeon and look into the future for Analytics. So 2014 is the year of Analytics in the NHL.  It's "Revenge of the Nerds". I predict that 2015 will be the year of the backlash. As teams embrace Analytics (even the Maple Leafs!), I feel safe in predicting that sometime soon, probably within the next year, it will blow up. Some team will do something (trade a player, change strategy, something) based on Analytics. It will go horribly wrong. Cue the backlash. I'm even going to predict how it will go wrong. But first, a little basic Statistics. When you do a...

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