9:24 PM EDT, Sat March 25, 2017
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Pirates A.M. — They’re baaaaack!

By Rob Biertempfel/Photos by Christopher Horner BRADENTON, Fla. — The entire Dream Outfield — Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte and Gregory Polanco — will be in the lineup today for just the third time this spring. The World Baseball Classic split them up and kept them out of Pirates camp for a couple of weeks. “I …
Mar 24, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Cutch, J-Hay return. Kang? Well …

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — Andrew McCutchen came back from the World Baseball Classic with a gold medal … and a case of laryngitis. “I’m a little hoarse,” McCutchen said. “It was a heck of a lot of fun. So much that I lost my voice.” Josh Harrison also was in the clubhouse this …
Mar 23, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Reading tea leaves

Story: Rob Biertempfel/Photos: Christopher Horner BRADENTON, Fla. — Keep an eye on the pitching assignments and performances the next few days. There will be signals — some being only small and some will end up as false flags — about the shape of the opening day rotation. Drew Hutchison starts today v the Red Sox. Tomorrow, …
Mar 22, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Osuna or later, he’ll be in majors

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — Every year, it seems, there’s a guy who’s on the fringes of the battle for an opening day roster spot who becomes a cause celebre by putting up big numbers in spring training. Caution: Michael Morse hit .389 last spring. Tony Sanchez knocked four homers in 2015. Matt Hague …
Mar 21, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Bored in RF? Try the hot corner instead

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — John Jaso will make his debut at third base today against the Rays. He’ll probably enjoy that spot more than right field. “It’s a little more boring out there (in the outfield), I’ll say that,” Jaso said. “It’s kind of cool being close to the action at first base. …
Mar 20, 2017

Pirates A.M. — “We roll out a bunch of 6-5 guys throwing 95 mph”

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — For the first couple weeks of spring training games, there’s usually not a lot of star power on the field after the fifth or sixth innings. That hasn’t been the case, though, with the Pirates’ pitchers. “I think it would be tough to find another organization that has the …
Mar 19, 2017

Pirates A.M. — How to (expletive) off a pitcher

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — It’s almost always a good interview when John Jaso is involved, and our chat a few days ago about walks was no exception. Jaso has a knack for drawing walks and says they’re under-appreciated even by some folks who play the game: “In baseball, there’s a always that ‘tip …
Mar 18, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Crunch time for pitchers

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — After yesterday’s game, manager Clint Hurdle was asked what factors will be separators down the stretch in the battle for the final open spot in the starting rotation. He gave a laundry list: “Pitch execution. Ability to throw breaking balls and secondary stuff behind in the count for strikes. …
Mar 17, 2017

Pirates A.M. — Cutch for MVP?

By Rob Biertempfel BRADENTON, Fla. — Which Pirates player has the best chance to win the NL MVP award this year? The answer might surprise you. According to online betting site Bovada, Kris Bryant (11-to-4 odds), Bryce Harper (3-to-1) and Nolan Arenado (7-to-1) are the top three favorites. Also in the top 10 is outfielder …
Mar 15, 2017

Pirates A.M.: Taillon a confident pitcher right now, with good reason

By Chris Adamski BRADENTON, Fla. — Jameson Taillon didn’t have his best stuff Wednesday. And that he yet still put up a clean stat line is a testament both to his talent and his current confidence level.   The Pirates’ second-year No. 2 starter said as much afterwards, both lamenting some of his pitches and …
Mar 15, 2017

Pirates A.M.: Pedro Alvarez to make his spring training debut – against the Pirates in Bradenton

By Chris Adamski BRADENTON, Fla. — There is finally an El Toro sighting for the Grapefruit League this spring.   And it’s coming at a very familiar place.   Four days after signing with the Orioles (and waiting four weeks into camp before doing so), Pedro Alvarez is in their lineup for the first time …
Mar 14, 2017

Pirates A.M.: What’s up with Tyler Glasnow?

By Chris Adamski BRADENTON, Fla. — Repeat after me: Spring training statistics don’t matter. Everyone will tell you that.   OK, now that that’s out of the way… let’s start to panic about why Tyler Glasnow’s statistics are so bad.   He’s pitched in four games (one of them does not count in his “official” …
Mar 13, 2017

Pirates A.M.: Ode to Jaso – and not just because of his fabulous dreadlocks

By Chris Adamski   BRADENTON, Fla. — Fans can debate the on-field contributions and statistical worth of John Jaso while he’s midway through a two-year, $8 million contract. He hit .268/.353/.413 last season, primarily as a first baseman).   But when it comes to intangibles, count Clint Hurdle as a fan.   “John is as […]
Mar 12, 2017

Pirates A.M. – Bucs still “going to give Alen Hanson opportunities”

By Chris Adamski   BRADENTON, Fla. — Alen Hanson is fast. He has the type of speed that, when you see him run up close in person, it sort of takes your breath away.   But, in an analogy I feel comfortable making and might make some sense coming from – does he have Dri Archer speed or Chris Johnson speed?   “He’s in […]
Mar 11, 2017

Pirates A.M. – Bullpen basically set, strong and working to get innings in

By Chris Adamski   BRADENTON, Fla. — Three-quarters of the Pirates’ regular lineup aren’t with the team right now. Two of their three established starting pitchers (Ivan Nova and Jameson Taillon) are throwing simulated games on their own this week.   In short, there’s even less star power right now during the Pirates’ Grapefruit League […]