3:31 AM EDT, Sat April 29, 2017
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Down to Dunk Ep. 356: Now What?

On today’s podcast we discuss the following topics: Exit Interviews Our last “I’m Smarter than Billy D” Who is most likely to not be on the roster next season? How do the Thunder improve?
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Friday Bolts – 4.28.17

Tom Ley of Deadspin: “I’ve grown somewhat tired of the ways in which people choose to describe Westbrook, reaching into a bag of clumsy metaphors in an effort to get across a simple idea:
Apr 27, 2017

Resisting those 31 statements

Apr 27, 2017

Best of the Exit Interviews

The Thunder held the 2016-17 exit interviews on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, and they didn’t disappoint in terms of quotes/soundbites. Below is a collection of bits and pieces, with a few videos as well.
Apr 26, 2017

Down to Dunk Ep. 355: End of Season Mailbag with Jon Hamm

On today’s podcast Jon Hamm joins to discuss the following topics: Game 5 loss What does OKC do going forward? Offseason moves? Does Kanter get traded? Does Russ resign? And much more! Today’s episode
Apr 26, 2017

Thunder Hotel Aliases

There’s a lot to unpack in terms of the Thunder season — particularly on the playoffs/exit interviews/what comes next front. But I’m going to divert from that briefly and have a little fun because
Apr 26, 2017

Wednesday Bolts – 7.26.17

Micah Peters of The Ringer is for Russ: “Everything else that we claim to want from a basketball player, from a pro athlete, we have in Westbrook. He stayed instead of agitating to join
Apr 26, 2017

Wake Up Call: The Five Questions that Need to be Answered This Summer

Despite the first round playoff exit, Oklahoma City Thunder fans will never forget this season. After the events of July 4th, and subsequently August 4th, the state of Oklahoma made Russell Westbrook a god. We
Apr 26, 2017

Thunder Drop Game 5, Season Ends in Houston

The Oklahoma City Thunder fell to the Houston Rockets 105-99 on Tuesday night, and Houston wins the first round series 4-1. It’s over.  In a way, Russell Westbrook’s regular season heroics gave us an irrational
Apr 25, 2017

Thank You, Russell Westbrook

Regardless of how the season ended, let me be the first to say it: Thank you, Russell Westbrook. I get it — this is going to be me pumping a lot of sunshine in
Apr 25, 2017

Thunder @ Rockets: Game 5 Primer

I’m not going into this primer with a defeatist attitude. I’m won’t sit here and tell you that despite a likely first round defeat, this was an extremely successful season. I’m not going to
Apr 25, 2017

Week in Review: In This Together

As the series shifts to Houston for Game 5 in this first-round series, the Thunder trail 3-1, losing two of the last three. Each game has been hyper-competitive, with the Houston Rockets having outscored the
Apr 25, 2017

Tuesday Bolts – 4.25.17

Sean Fennessey of The Ringer is the contrarian: “Hating Westbrook is foolhardy, I understand. It makes a person seem stodgy and unfun. It recalls the culture wars over Allen Iverson, another low-efficiency, high-emotion player
Apr 25, 2017

Wake Up Call: The Thunder Can Beat the Rockets by Becoming Them

On a macro level, a playoff series is like a game of chess: moves and counter-moves. As much as we love to complain about individual plays on the micro-level, the missed shots (both contested and
Apr 24, 2017

Down to Dunk Ep. 354: Game 4 Thunder vs. Rockets w/ Adam Joseph

  On today’s podcast Adam Joseph of 16 Wins a Ring joins to discuss the following topics: Game 4 Recap “I’m smarter than Billy D” Segment Hack a Roberson The 3 point fouling disasters Westbrook’s