1:11 AM EDT, Tue June 27, 2017
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Mets Minors: Chris Flexen leads second wave of pitching prospects

This season is destined to be something of a disappointment.  Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler again spend time on the DL and the Mets need a major win streak to pull back to .500 baseball.  With…Read more →
Jun 25, 2017

Gut Reaction: Mets 8, Giants 2- 6/25/17

The Mets completed a three-game road sweep with an 8-2 victory over the fellow 2017 disappointment San Francisco Giants. And the win came courtesy of two very unlikely heroes – Rafael Montero who pitched nearly six solid innings, and backup catcher…Read more →
Jun 25, 2017

Rafael Montero and the Last Chance Saloon

This week on the podcast, when asked to make an unlikely prediction, Gotham Baseball’s Mark Healey said that Rafael Montero was going to be a useful pitcher. Sunday, Montero gets yet another chance to show his stuff. We can’t really…Read more →
Jun 24, 2017

Gut Reaction: Mets 5, Giants 1 (6/24/17)

For Jacob deGrom, tonight was yet another start where he proved he is the best pitcher in the Mets rotation. He posted another solid outing, going eight strong innings with seven strikeouts and allowing one earned run. He simply controlled…Read more →
Jun 24, 2017

Asdrubal Cabrera’s whirlwind day ends on a high note

Friday was an eventful day for Asdrubal Cabrera. He was activated from the disabled list, informed that he was no longer going to play shortstop, publicly asked for a trade and then finished the day with a three-hit game –…Read more →
Jun 24, 2017

Gut Reaction: Mets 11, Giants 4 (6/23/17)

The Mets were quite happy to leave L.A. and they brought their bats with them as they ventured north to San Francisco, beating the Giants 11-4 in a game that was not that close. The Mets pounded out 20 hits,…Read more →
Jun 23, 2017

Now can Mets fans give up? Hell no!

Nine days ago Mets fans had a glimmer of optimism. Three key players had returned from the disabled list and we won a series against the defending world champs, following taking three out of four from the Braves on the…Read more →
Jun 23, 2017

Gut Reaction: Dodgers 6, Mets 3 (6/22/17)

As the Mets hoped to salvage a game in the four game series, they sent out Steven Matz against a struggling Hyun-Jin Ryu. As he did yesterday, Curtis Granderson started things off he wring to lead off the game.it was…Read more →
Jun 22, 2017

Jacob deGrom shows how to succeed in new offensive environment

The last week hasn’t been pretty. And let’s not pretend that what came before that was all sunshine and lollipops, either. Understandably, fans are giving up on the 2017 season and making moves for next year. You hear variations of…Read more →
Jun 22, 2017

Gut Reaction: Dodgers 8, Mets 2 (6/21/17)

-The Mets were once again hurt by a weak pitching performance. The culprit this game was Tyler Pill, who allowed five earned runs over six innings. In the series with the Dodgers, the Mets have so far been outscored 30-8.…Read more →
Jun 21, 2017

The Mets are down, but it could be worse

The 2017 season has not been what the Mets or the fans expected. At least there is an explanation for the club’s record, specifically the historic run of injuries to key players. I’m not going to list them all, but…Read more →
Jun 21, 2017

Gut Reaction: Dodgers 12, Mets 0 – 6/21/17

Puke. In case you missed it, that’s the word that best describes this game. The Mets flat out couldn’t hit or pitch in this game and looked like a single A team playing against a big league club as the…Read more →
Jun 20, 2017

Rolling with the 7line Army

On occasion, you may see a blot of orange occupying the Big Apple Reserve seating section at Citi Field. This group of Mets fans is often known for being relentless and ferocious towards opposing teams, and also having undying loyalty…Read more →
Jun 20, 2017

Gut Reaction: Dodgers 10, Mets 6 (6/19/17)

-Zach Wheeler allowed seven earned runs over two innings of work. This is the second straight start where Wheeler has given up an excess of runs early in the game. His ERA has now ballooned to 5.29. -Rafael Montero allowed…Read more →
Jun 19, 2017

David Peterson and the next crop of Mets prospects

David Peterson, LHP: Prior to the draft I was asked who, of my short-listed players, I would be most happy with the Mets drafting.  Without hesitating I answered David Peterson.  Most people agreed that the Mets would be targeting college…Read more →