10:25 AM EDT, Wed July 26, 2017
Jul 21, 2017

Utah Jazz: A House of Character Built on a Foundation of Winning

Imagine you’ve built your dream home. It has everything you could possibly want. You want the open floor plan? It’s yours. Luxurious master bedroom and on-suite? Done. Two car garage? Built to your specifications. Landscaped yard with a water feature and outdoor kitchen with wet bar to entertain? Throw in massive five-burner grill, and you […]
Jul 20, 2017

Episode 118: Jonas Jerebko, Ekpe Udoh, Carmello Anthony, and The Big Sick

This week we discuss the Utah Jazz newest members, Ekpe Udoh and Jonas Jerbko, and what their additions mean for the team. Eric Gordon is offered an NBA and G-League 2-way contract. “Melo to Houston talks” still seem to be simmering. We offer our thoughts on whether a deal materializes. A listener asks where LeBron […]
Jul 16, 2017

NBA: Destination Utah

Almost two weeks ago, Gordon Hayward announced his intentions to move on from the Utah Jazz and sign with the Boston Celtics. A move that left the Jazz franchise scrambling to fill the void. Ultimately nothing materialized and the Jazz were left decimated while their once star player moved on to greener pastures (pun intended). Fans […]
Jul 16, 2017

The Utah Jazz is More Than One Player

Gordon Whoward? The Utah Jazz is more than one player.  I understand the angst from Jazz fans, but it is not the end of the Jazz.  There is hope within the darkness.  Gordon Hayward, or anyone player does not affect my fandom.  I have been a Jazz fan longer than Gordon Hayward has been alive. […]
Jul 13, 2017

Episode 117: Gordon Hayward, Trey Burke, NBA Summer League

It’s been a week since Gordon Hayward took his talents to Boston. We finally discuss the aftermath and share our thoughts. Plus, Trey Burke gives us a little mention and we hit big time! Trey says “no one wants to play” in Utah. Is there a negative stigma associated with playing for the Utah Jazz? […]
Jul 5, 2017

The Aftermath of Hayward’s Departure

I was feeling pretty good a week ago about the Utah Jazz’s ability to keep Gordon Hayward. He was the face of the franchise, the #1 option, the hero that gave the Jazz a playoff series victory. I kept hearing about how Quin Snyder had coached him longer than Brad Stevens. I heard how he […]
Jul 5, 2017

Utah Jazz: Pollyanna Goggles and Gordon Hayward

Sports Fans I would like to have a good chat about what is going on in my mind. Frankly what’s been going around in my brain for the matter of a few weeks now, since the Utah Jazz’s season came to an end at the hands of the World Champion Golden State Warriors – a sweep […]
Jul 3, 2017

Episode 116: Gordon Hayward Decision and NBA Free Agent Frenzy

Gordon Hayward meets with the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and the Utah Jazz. We give our final predictions on his decision and discuss options should he not return. Joe Ingles inks a deal and the Jazz trade for Ricky Rubio. We offer our analysis of the trade and look forward to Summer League. The 2017 […]