9:52 PM EDT, Mon October 16, 2017
CBS Local

Rick and Johns 10 am Hour: Falcons Injuries, Braves In Trouble and Do You Still Have a Hero?

Here's the 10 am hour of the Rick and John show for Oct. 3rd. They talk about the Dan Quinn Press Conference where he updated us on injuries...

Amazin Avenue

Mets vs. Braves recap: A win in what was probably Terry’s last home game

The Mets beat the Braves in their final home game of 2017. The scene looked quite a bit different from the ones of the past couple of years. There weren’t many fans in the stands, there wasn’t a drop of champagne to be found anywhere, and there was just one Met out on the field interacting with the very few who had shown up and decided to stick around until the bitter end. Travis d’Arnaud, whose September performance has been his best work since his injury-shortened-but-excellent 2015 campaign, came out of the dugout to greet a couple of gatherings of Mets fans, one...