12:29 AM EDT, Thu July 27, 2017
Grand Rapids Press

After all this Tigers trade talk, what if nothing happens at the deadline?

Brad Ausmus thinks (and hopes) that scenario is very possible DETROIT -- Last October, in a post-season press conference at Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila revealed the organization's long-term plans to cut payroll and become leaner, younger and more nimble. Big trades, it seemed, were on the horizon. Then nothing happened. Two months later, at the Winter Meetings in Washington, D.C., everyone expected the Tigers' to be the most active dealers. Then nothing happened. "I've said it before," said Tigers manager Brad Ausmus from behind his...

Atlanta Braves with David O'Brien | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Would Braves really trade Teheran? Sure they would

Remember during the Winter Meetings when the Braves showed interest in getting one of the elite starting pitchers available, Chris Sale or Chris Archer, but ultimately decided the asking price of multiple top prospects and/or ...

Halladay: I've loved every second I've spent in Canada

Former Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay spoke with Shawn McKenzie as he was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Shulman: Feel for Travis, wonder if he’ll ever become everyday player

Voice of the Blue Jays Dan Shulman says you can’t help but feel for Devon Travis, who is one of the nicest guys in baseball, but just can’t seem to stay healthy.