1:34 PM EST, Mon February 08, 2016

Gottlieb: Tim Brown talks Calvin Johnson retiring

Former Raiders WR Tim Brown joins Doug Gottlieb to discuss Calvin Johnson's early retirement.

Who Will Be the MVP of Super Bowl 50? | The R&B Podcast (Full Show) | NFL

Segments: (2:39) Nate on Calvin Johnson's potential retirement (11:08) Mike on Preparing for a Super Bowl (14:33) If Broncos win, Peyton Manning is ___________ (16:40) If Panthers win, Cam Newton is ____________ (20:16) How to match up vs. Von

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Super Bowl CBs say Lions' Calvin Johnson still is the NFL's toughest matchup

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- There's been a lot of talk about the aging of Calvin Johnson the past couple seasons. About his injuries. About his downfall. But for all that talk, Johnson still managed to play 16 games last season....