8:41 AM EDT, Mon May 21, 2018
The Dream Shake

Would the Rockets be better off if Andre Iguodala signed with them?

How would the Rockets be different with Iggy? Ten months ago, a major shift was set to take place in the NBA landscape. Andre Iguodala was about to say goodbye to the Bay Area after his two rings in three seasons with the Warriors to join one of their biggest rivals in the Rockets in a move that would alter the balance of power in the Western Conference and the NBA. Iguodala was going to join Chris Paul to form a formidable threat to the Warriors and their dynasty. In his final free agency meeting with the Warriors, Iguodala was prepared to say goodbye, but the Warriors turned 180 degrees...

Chris Paul annoys everyone, but especially DeMarcus Cousins

Chris Paul and DeMarcus Cousins are surprisingly similar - both had a reputation for being competitive to a possible fault coming out of college, both struggled on teams that didn't win as much as they should have, and both have been part of unexpected tr

James Harden on Chris Paul's All-Star snub: 'Did you see the show he was putting on?' | NBA on ESPN

Houston Rockets guard James Harden responds to teammate Chris Paul being left off the NBA All-Star roster, saying he definitely deserved it and asking, re: when Harden was injured, "Did you see the show he was putting on?" ✔

Mike D'Antoni on Chris Paul not making All-Star team: 'I was amazed' | NBA on ESPN

Houston Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni comments on Chris Paul not making the NBA All-Star team, saying "I was amazed" that his new point guard was passed over. ✔