3:35 AM EDT, Tue October 24, 2017
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Aaron Rodgers’ injury gives the NFL yet another issue to worry about

An NFL season that has been all about the raging controversy over players' protests during the national anthem brought forth another development Sunday to keep the focus away from the field. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, still out of work after beginning the players' protest movement last season, filed a grievance accusing NFL teams of improperly colluding to keep him unemployed.

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Nick Wright on Titans not working out Kaepernick: If I were a fan, that would offend me to my core

Whats the real reason the Titans didnt even bring Colin Kaepernick in for a workout after the injury to Marcus Mariota? Nick Wright explains why not even taking a look at him should offend Titans fans.

Tim and Sid: Amidst anthem debate, don't forget why Kaepernick first took a knee

Tim and Sid discuss the fall out from a divisive weekend in sports and encourage people to remember why Colin Kaepernick first took a knee and not to get it mixed in with other discussions.

"Ezekiel Elliott wordt ervan beticht een vrouw mishandeld te hebben"

NFL-kenner Hubert Bedford over de mogelijke schorsing van zes wedstrijden van Dallas Cowboys-running back Ezekiel Elliott, de kracht van regerend kampioen New England Patriots en de opmerkelijke free agent-status van Colin Kaepernick. De NFL zie je ook d