12:22 AM EDT, Wed August 05, 2015
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Deron Williams having a procedural holdup, hasn't signed with Mavericks just yet

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New York Post

GM Billy King: Buying out Deron Williams lets Nets ‘reshuffle the deck’

LAS VEGAS — The Nets traded for Deron Williams in 2011, then re-signed him in 2012, with the expectation he would be the face of a championship contending team. The...

Dallas Mavericks Blog | Dallas Morning News

Mavs expect to sign Deron Williams to 2-year, $10 million deal on Monday afternoon

The Mavericks will remain in a holding pattern Sunday, waiting until 4 p.m. Monday when point guard Deron Williams is expected to clear waivers and sign a two-year, $10 million contract with the Mavericks. They then will have two remaining …

Newark Star-Ledger

NBA Free Agency rumors: Deron Williams talking buyout with Nets to join Dallas Mavericks?

Williams would get a change of scenery and the Nets would get rid of his contract.