6:08 PM EDT, Sat April 19, 2014
Boston Herald

Red Sox’ low-ball offer to Jon Lester waste of time

The Red Sox and Jon Lester broke off talks with a top offer on the table for the veteran lefthander in the ballpark of four years and 
$70 million. I get it, it’s a negotiation. You start by asking for more than you can get or offering less than you’re ultimately willing to give.But there’s negotiating, and then there’s wasting everyone’s time.


New York Yankees pitcher Kelly Johnson on facing Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lestser

Kelly Johnson discusses facing Jon Lester and whether the Yankees are trying too hard to score runs early in the season.

FOX Sports

Rosenthal: Lester's last season in Boston?

Ken Rosenthal with the latest on Jon Lester's contract negotiations with the Red Sox as well as updates on which teams might be interested in free agents Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew.


Boston Red Sox Jon Lester's favorite part about Yankee Stadium

Watch to see what Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has to say about Yankee Stadium in this interview with YES Network's Matthew Stucko. Subscribe for daily sports videos!

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Red Sox set for season opener in Baltimore

The Red Sox are set to face the Baltimore Orioles in the teams' season opener at Camden Yards. It's Jon Lester vs. right-hander Chris Tillman on the mound. The Sox open the season without starting right fielder Shane Victorino, who was placed on the disabled list today. Jackie Bradley, Jr., was recalled, but will not start.