12:53 AM EST, Sun February 14, 2016
Akron Beacon Journal

2016 NBA All-Star Game: Vilified in Israel, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue copes with criticism

TORONTO: After 18 seasons in the NBA, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue is now vilified in Israel.He hates the circumstances of how he took over for David Blatt, a highly successful coach at Maccabi Tel Aviv who brought in Lue to be associate head coach/defensive coordinator last season. Lue said he’s spoken to Blatt three or four times since Blatt was fired by the Cavs on Jan. 22. Because their relationship remains strong and Blatt supports him, Lue said, “I’m at peace.”But a former point guard on two Los Angeles Lakers championship teams, Lue prides himself on the reputation he built...

New York Post

Brian Shaw: I can run any style of offense Knicks want

TORONTO — Brian Shaw didn’t run the triangle offense in Denver, but he hasn’t forgotten any of it. Shaw is expected to be a Knicks head-coaching candidate in the offseason if Phil Jackson doesn’t retain interim coach Kurt Rambis. Fired by Denver midway through last season, Shaw, a former Lakers player and assistant coach, was...

New York Post

Rambis proves the anti-Fisher in speaking Jose Calderon reality

TORONTO — Knicks interim coach Kurt Rambis headed back to Los Angeles to see his family over All-Star Weekend. Rambis’ wife, Linda, stayed back in Los Angeles, a marketing employee of the Lakers, when Rambis accepted the Knicks associate-coaching job before the 2014-15 season. While fired Derek Fisher was pictured Thursday in a Gloria Govan...

Orange County Register

Lakers coach Byron Scott acknowledges he needs to be patient with D'Angelo Russell

CLEVELAND – Fifty-five games into D’Angelo Russell’s career, observers are still trying to dissect this 19-year-old guard, searching for any information that will tell just what he is and who he will be like. Comparisons are only natural. When...

Orange County Register

A day later, Lakers coach Byron Scott still reveling in Kobe Bryant's 38-point effort

LOS ANGELES – Byron Scott was still glowing over Kobe Bryant’s performance a night earlier, and why not? The Lakers coach said Wednesday he would try to hang on to the feeling of watching Bryant drop 38 points on Minnesota as long as possible....

Byron Scott Praises Both Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell

Los Angeles Lakers head coach on Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell's progression, and difficulty of keeping the young players focused. Join the Largest Lakers Fan Site in the World!

Kobe Bryant Thanks Sam Mitchell For The Hate, Advice For Younger Players

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant thanks Sam Mitchell (coach of the Raptors when Kobe dropped 81), plus talks about what he's warning the young players about. Join the Largest Lakers Fan Site in the World!

Orange County Register

10-game losing streak? Byron Scott has been through worse

EL SEGUNDO – An 11-game losing streak may be unprecedented for the Los Angeles Lakers, but their coach knows how much worse it could get. The Lakers (9-41) are one loss away from their franchise-worst 11th straight, but they have a long way to...

Orange County Register

Byron Scott, Clippers analyst Don MacLean spar over Lakers' use of D'Angelo Russell

EL SEGUNDO – On the eve of the regular season, Byron Scott wrestled with a decision that would set the tone for the entire season. The Lakers coach weighed whether D’Angelo Russell, the No. 2 overall pick in the summer’s draft, should start...

Orange County Register

D'Angelo Russell mentor Don MacLean rips Lakers coach Byron Scott

A week ago, Byron Scott found himself mired in controversy after he – or someone with access to his Instagram account – to “Bring it.” On Monday, Don MacLean brought it. The former NBA journeyman, who works on the Clippers broadcast and as a...

Akron Beacon Journal

Cavaliers notebook: Tyronn Lue doesn't need to stand to get his message across

INDIANAPOLIS: Jack Nicholson will be thrilled next month when the Cavaliers visit Staples Center. He’ll finally have a good view of the court. Nicholson famously stood up from his courtside seat to scream at coach David Blatt during the Cavaliers game against the Lakers last season because Blatt was standing up and constantly blocking Nicholson’s view of the game. Lue is proving to be that unique coach who rarely stands during games. “Those people buying those great front-row seats, you don’t want to be standing up in their way the whole time,” Lue joked Monday. “They paid a lot...

Orange County Register

Miscommunication is costing the Lakers victories. What you need to know about the Lakers 101-82 loss to Charlotte

LOS ANGELES Something is getting lost and it’s not just more games. Rookie guard D’Angelo Russell said the Lakers are failing to communicate on the court, misunderstanding or simply not following through on Coach Byron Scott calls that is costing...

Lakers Shutting Down Larry Nance, Losing Streak Challenges

Lakers head coach Byron Scott on the decision to shut down Larry Nance, Jr. (sore knee) till at least the end of the All-Star break. Plus, what did Scott learn about his losing streak in Cleveland that he can apply to this team? Join the Largest Lakers F

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Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler praise E'Twaun Moore's starting role for Bulls

Time will tell if Tony Snell will drop permanently out of the Bulls rotation. But with Mike Dunleavy optimistic about a February return and coach Fred Hoiberg benching Snell for E'Twaun Moore against the Lakers, an intriguing subplot emerged from the Bulls locker room late Thursday: Derrick Rose...

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Kobe Bryant's brotherly pep talk couldn't sway Pau Gasol from leaving the Lakers

LOS ANGELES When Pau Gasol had had enough of the rumors, benchings and then Coach Mike D'Antoni, he decided to leave the Lakers. It wasn't an easy decision for either the 7-foot post player or fellow teammate Kobe Bryant, who tried to talk him...

New York Post

Superstar pairs coming back to bite Knicks’ Derek Fisher

Knicks coach Derek Fisher now knows how the other half lived — specifically, those going up against Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Fisher, a title-winning teammate of the Lakers duo, gets a taste of that sort of medicine Tuesday, when he leads the Knicks against Oklahoma City superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. “It’s always...

Los Angeles Times

Kobe Bryant pumps up the defense, but Lakers fall to Trail Blazers, 121-103

There used to be chants of “Beat L.A Beat L.A Beat L.A” during the national anthem when Kobe Bryant and the Lakers came here in the early 2000s to play the Portland Trail Blazers. There was no such hatred toward the Lakers on Saturday night, not with this being Bryant's farewell stop here in Rip...

Orange County Register

Lakers' Byron Scott, Spurs' Gregg Popovich express sympathy for fired Cavs coach David Blatt

LOS ANGELES – When a coach is fired, as David Blatt was in Cleveland on Friday, it can be like a punch in the gut to the NBA coaching fraternity. “All of us in the business know how it works,” San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich said before...

Los Angeles Times

Coaches Byron Scott and Gregg Popovich have a friendship like fine wine

It's an unpredictable thing, the NBA coaching fraternity. There are friendships among certain coaches, likely some alliances, and as in other jobs, surely animosity and petty jealousy too. There's also the unexpected bond between Lakers Coach Byron Scott and San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich....

Akron Beacon Journal

Jason Lloyd: Tyronn Lue emerges from shadows of champions to carve his own path in Cleveland

CLEVELAND: Tyronn Lue didn’t go to Princeton. He hasn’t coached around the world. He doesn’t have any Olympic medals. But the newest Cavaliers coach has his own masters degree of sorts – he has learned at the feet of some of this game’s best.Lue played for Phil Jackson. He was mentored by Jerry West. He was an assistant coach under Doc Rivers. All three are champions as is Lue, who won rings as a role player with the Los Angeles Lakers. Now as he walks into one of the most volatile jobs in the NBA, Lue will need Jackson’s intelligence, West’s savvy and Rivers’ charm. And...


Philly hoops coach finds success in Iowa

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - Maybe there's a job out there too big for Fran McCaffery. Maybe Kentucky? The Lakers? The current Sixers?

Los Angeles Times

Lakers' D'Angelo Russell needs to hit the weight room

Does D'Angelo Russell need to put on weight? He's only 19, still growing into his body at 6 feet 3 and 195 pounds, but Lakers Coach Byron Scott wants to see him in the weight room after this season. Russell isn't getting "bounced around" by opposing guards but other things on the court catch Scott's...

Orange County Register

Lakers forward Tarik Black sure he's getting better, but impressing Coach Byron Scott not so easy

LOS ANGELES – Byron Scott’s issue with little-used Tarik Black isn’t centered on his scoring or rebounding averages. It’s simply that he’s average. “My impression is that he’s been OK,” Scott said before Sunday’s game against...

Los Angeles Times

Lakers' Kobe Bryant wants to play but injury could prevent it for a while

The best way to deal with Kobe Bryant's sore right Achilles' tendon injury has become an interesting case study for the Lakers. Bryant wants to play in the final road games of his 20-year career, telling Coach Byron Scott that he was "feeling better" before practice Wednesday. Bryant hopes to play...

Orange County Register

Byron Scott knows Lakers need a plan to help ailing Kobe Bryant finish season on his feet

EL SEGUNDO – Byron Scott knows how much it pains Kobe Bryant to sit out games. He also knows how much it’s hurting Bryant to play, given a sore leg and shoulder. So should the Lakers coach play him or rest him? That’s the quandary Scott,...