10:02 AM EST, Thu January 19, 2017
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Lakers: 5 Trade Deadline Targets at Point Guard

With the trade deadline just a month away, we're taking the next few weeks to break down trade targets at every position for the Los Angeles Lakers.As fans grow tiresome with the lack of production from D'Angelo Russell, the idea of trading him has been floated around. Anyone with half a...

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Column: The Miami Heat shouldn't make any moves until the offseason

The Miami Heat should skip the trade deadline and wait to leverage Chris Bosh and others in the offseason.As February draws near, many of the league’s eyes will be focused on South Beach. Not because the Miami Heat are doing well or because the team is the perennial hot spot that it used to ...

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What If the Nets Traded Brook Lopez at the 2015 Trade Deadline?

In 2015, Brook Lopez was nearly traded by the Brooklyn Nets to the Oklahoma City Thunder at the deadline. What if that trade had gone through?February 15, 2015, the NBA Trade Deadline was looming and theBrooklyn Nets had reportedly said "yes" to a trade that would send Brook Lopez to the...

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Trade Talk: Should the Nuggets Try For A New Face?

A question that is ringing in every Nuggets fan's minds is "should Denver trade for a new player?"As the trade deadline creeps ever so closer, there are several players on the market. A recent example, while not as headline grabbing as others is the Timberwolves announcing that Rick...

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NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat Willing To Deal Hassan Whiteside?

NBA trade rumors indicate the Miami Heat would be willing tomove Hassan Whiteside for the right price. Would they really ship off their $98 million man before the 2017 NBA trade feadline?With the 2016-17 NBA season past the midway mark and the trade deadline just around the corner, the rumor mill ...

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Brooklyn Nets: Expendable Players Going into Next Season

While the Brooklyn Nets still have a half season left to play, they are most likely not competing for anything at this point. When a team bottoms out like this, the front office may start to look for moves they can make at the trade deadline and how they can improve for the following season. For the...

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The most logical Carmelo landing spot is a team he can’t stand

Carmelo Anthony still believes the Knicks will right the ship as they stand three games out of the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed. On Tuesday, Anthony told team president Phil Jackson he doesn’t want to waive his no-trade clause. But will Anthony want to stay by February’s trading deadline if the Knicks are headed for a...

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The Pistons should stand pat at the trade deadline

A rough start to the season has many Detroit Pistons fans (and members of the national media) pushing for a trade. Detroit should practice patience instead.As of Monday night, the Detroit Pistons are 2.5 games out of the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference and 3.5 games out of the No. 5 seed. The...

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Report: Minnesota Timberwolves are shopping Ricky Rubio

As the NBA trade deadline approaches, the Minnesota Timberwolves may be actively shopping Ricky Rubio.The Minnesota Timberwolves have not quite lived up to the preseason hype around them, with the young squad frequently having trouble sustaining leads. There have been some rumors suggesting head c...

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Dallas Mavericks: Four Players to Monitor at Trade Deadline

With the NBA trade deadline a little over a month away, there could be some quality players who could be on the market due to financial situations. Here are four players the Dallas Mavericks should keep an eye on.The Dallas Mavericks sit at the bottom of the Western Conference with a 11-27 record....

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Philadelphia 76ers: Trading Center Jahlil Okafor Difficult

The Philadelphia 76ers seemed primed to make a deal before the trade deadline, but Jahlil Okafor has dropped his value significantly.With the emergence of Joel Embiid, the need for the Philadelphia 76ers to trade away one --if not both-- of their excess big men has been well-documented. Brett Brow...

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NBA: 10 Trade Targets Who Could Help A Playoff Team

Approaching the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline, here are 10 less prominent trade targets that could really help a playoff team if they're moved.As the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline creeps closer and closer, each passing day seems to bring a new set of trade rumors. We've already heard about plenty of...

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Utah Jazz: Four Bold Predictions Before the Trade Deadline

As the Utah Jazz prepare for a 17-game stretch leading up to the All-Star Break and trade deadline, here are four bold predictionsof what they can accomplish over that span.With the Utah Jazz 40 games into the season, one contest away from reaching the halfway point which they will do tomorrow aga...

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NBA Trade Rumors: Orlando Magic Interested In Goran Dragic

NBA Trade Rumors: According to a report, the Orlando Magic have already expressed interest in the possibility of acquiring Goran Dragic from the Miami HeatIf there's one big name that's going to be moved ahead or on NBA Trade Deadline day, it's likely going to be the Miami Heat'...

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Orlando Magic Rumors: Orlando Magic expressed interest in Goran Dragic

The Orlando Magic seem to be in the market for a point guard. The Magic reportedly were among many teams inquiring about Goran Dragic.The NBA rumor mill is going to begin turning faster and faster as each day passes heading toward the Feb. 23 trade deadline.Sites like Orlando Magic Daily will ...

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Lakers: Recent Playoff Push Makes Trade Deadline Interesting

A resurgence from the Los Angeles Lakers has set them upfor a possible playoff berth for the first time in four years.Does this affect their plans for the trade deadline?Coming into the 2016-17 season, expectations were relatively low for this Lakers squad. ESPNhad them at 25 wins, an eight-win im...

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Portland Trail Blazers Trade Idea: AJ Hammons To The Rescue

As we get Closer to the Trade Deadline, The BlazersShould take a look at a Relatively Unknown Big Man in DallasThere has been a lot of trade talk. in the last couple weeks all around the NBA. Some big-name players with big contracts, such as DeMarcus Cousins, Paul Millsap, and now according to ESP...

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NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers expressed interest in Nerlens Noel

With just over a month until the NBA trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers checked in on Nerlens Noel.It's hardly a secret that the Philadelphia 76ers have a logjam in the frontcourt. Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor figure to be traded sooner rather than later with Joel Embiid emerging as the ...

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NBA Trade Deadline: Los Angeles Lakers Shouldn't Make Any Moves

Everyone assumes the Los Angeles Lakers are searching far and wide for a blockbuster trade leading up to the 2017 NBA trade deadline. The smart move would be to stand pat, though.As is the case every year, the Los Angeles Lakers have been mentioned quite often leading up to the 2017 NBA trade dead...

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NBA: 5 Players Your Favorite Team Should Avoid Trading For

With the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline approaching, there are plenty of players rumored to be available. Here are the five potential trade targets you'll want your favorite team to avoid.The NBA calendar is like clockwork, especially when it comes to the trade deadline. Every year we hear about...

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One of the NBA's biggest trade chips says he's won't be moved before the deadline

The Kyle Korver trade won't set off a chain reaction, apparently.

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Atlanta Hawks Headlines: Paul Millsap Off The Market?

Welcome to Atlanta Hawks Headlines. After a week of trade rumors and speculation, it looks like the Hawks won't be sellers at the trade deadline.Thank you for joining us for today’sedition of Atlanta Hawks Headlines.This is a daily feature at Soaring Down South. Hawks Headlines is a pla...

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Hassan Whiteside on trade speculation: 'There's all kind of rumors'

The Miami Heat paid Hassan Whiteside like a franchise player in July. The next question is whether the treatment will be the same in advance of the Feb. 23 NBA trading deadline. That had Whiteside answering speculation Tuesday night in the wake of ESPN's Zach Lowe offering on a podcast, "I think...

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Where will Hawks stand if Paul Millsap stays past trade deadline?

If Hawks keep Paul Millsap past trade deadline, what's next for the franchise?

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Atlanta Hawks Keep Winning Despite Trade Rumors

The Atlanta Hawks keep winning despite the trade rumors surrounding the organization.Teamstrading off assets at the trade deadline is nothing new. It doesn't matter the sport, we can all think of examples of when a "fire sale" has happened.The process usually follows the same pa...

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NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Teams That Should Trade For Tyson Chandler

In the latest NBA Trade Rumors, one team might be interested in Tyson Chandler. If the Phoenix Suns make him available, which teams should make an offer?As the 2017 NBA Trade Deadline approaches, the Phoenix Suns have as many movable pieces on their roster as anyone.A season that began with de...

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Steve Kyler Projects Nerlens Noel / Jahlil Okafor Likely Traded Before Deadline

Ignore results onbasketball court together, Basketball Insiders Steve Kyler projects both Nerlens Noeland Jahlil Okafor traded before deadline.Which of the other two centers willthe Philadelphia 76ers move before the NBA Trade deadline in February 2017? On one hand, Nerlens Noel? On the other hand...

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Denver Nuggets: Three Trades the Nuggets Should Consider

Recent rumors have put the Denver Nuggets in a possible trade for Paul Millsap. Realistically, what other trades could the Nuggets make before the deadline?In recent rumors, the Denver Nuggets have been tied to a possible trade for Paul Millsap. As recent reports state though, Millsap appears to h...

Are Celtics Darkhorse Team To Win Eastern Conference?

The Boston Celtics didn't make any trades during the NBA trade deadline. NESN.com's Darren Hartwell and Andre Khatchaturian discuss whether this is good for the team and whether they can make a darkhorse run in the Eastern Conference.

Schein: I can't believe Dwight Howard didn't get dealt

Brandon Tierney discusses the Rockets not being able to trade Dwight Howard before the deadline.

Schein: Bulls didn't make moves, but they should have

Brandon Tierney discusses the Bulls decision to keep the roster intact and not make any deals before the trade deadline.