1:24 PM EDT, Sun September 25, 2016
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Knicks entering camp with cranked-up goal and injury caveat

It has been a while since Knicks president Phil Jackson invoked the word “championship” — something he has won 13 times as an NBA player and head coach. Jackson’s only references to titles during the Knicks’ 17-65 and 32-50 campaigns the past two dismal seasons were related to how the far the club was from...

New York Post

Lawyers for Derrick Rose’s alleged rape victim: NBA must get involved

Lawyers for the woman who has accused new Knicks player Derrick Rose of raping her are demanding the NBA investigate the alleged assault, while the accuser graphically recounted her injuries from the alleged sexual assault that she claims took place in 2013. “The NBA and his team should investigate the matter. I think that’s their...

New York Post

Meet new Knick Justin Holiday: More than a Rose deal throw-in

When Justin Holiday flew from Southern California to New York on Wednesday, the Knicks’ new shooting guard wore the 2015 championship ring he captured as a fringe player for the Warriors. Holiday, 27, donned it symbolically. After increasing his role last season with the Bulls, Holiday, the older brother of injury-prone Jrue Holiday, wants to...