10:52 AM EDT, Sat August 17, 2019
Aug 12, 2019

Let’s take this Mets dream to the next level

Pete Alonso is right, of course. He wasn’t being brash the other night, caught up in the giddy rush of a winning streak. He wasn’t speaking merely with the unknowing enthusiasm of youth (although, sure, maybe there was a dash of naïveté in his words; no capital crime in that). This was after one of...
Aug 11, 2019

Mets can’t hide from familiar horrors this time

They tried to hold out for one more absurd plot twist, because why not? The Mets were three runs down and colliding at 100 mph into a steel wall of probability, but there were 41,000 of them who’d stayed for nine innings, figuring they’d just keep doubling down until the dealer raked all their chips...
Aug 10, 2019

Meet the man behind Twitter’s most hilarious sports account

My 24th wedding anniversary is Monday, and there are many who assume the only way a sports columnist can achieve such bliss is if he finds a mate who also likes sports. Let me put it this way: My wife doesn’t hate sports. In some ways, it’s worse (or better, depending on how you look...
Aug 9, 2019

Mickey Callaway is these Mets’ version of Tug McGraw

“I feel we can still make a run at this thing.” — Mickey Callaway, July 7 The most famous line in the history of the Mets was hatched on the afternoon of Monday, July 9, 1973. It began when Tug McGraw, suffering through his most difficult season, had lunch with an old friend of Gil...
Aug 6, 2019

The other Miracle Mets set perfect blueprint for this team

Even from 230 miles away, Jon Matlack can sense what’s going on at Citi Field, and what’s igniting it. Matlack knows as well as anyone what can happen when you get a small gaggle of elite pitchers, send them out against the National League night after night, take your chances with what follows. “It’s been...
Aug 3, 2019
Forgotten Yankees: Honoring the team that nearly had it all

Forgotten Yankees: Honoring the team that nearly had it all

They will never have an Old-Timer’s Day set aside for them. There are times it seems the season they had and all the games they won didn’t happen in real life, but in a movie, some direct-to-video sequel of “Major League.” But for those who remember the 1994 Yankees, Saturday was a seminal anniversary. Because...
Jul 20, 2019

The Matt Harvey moment that could have changed it all

The fantasy of any sports always includes the omniscient fast-forward and rewind buttons of memory. Oh, to be an old Brooklyn Dodgers fan and be able to travel back to Oct. 3, 1951, and whisper into Ralph Branca’s ear: “Maybe go with the curve on this one, Ralphie.” Oh, to be an old Browns fan,...
Jul 17, 2019

Pete Alonso shuts up Mets fans’ biggest fear

MINNEAPOLIS — Jinx? Did someone say jinx? Well … there weren’t a lot of people using that word inside the Mets’ clubhouse the past few days. But it has certainly been a subject of conversation in those places where Mets fans gather to ruminate and restlessly wait for the sky to fall and the other...
Jul 17, 2019

Mets suddenly showing life we haven’t seen in a long time

MINNEAPOLIS — OK, let’s get one thing out of the way right at the top: The Mets throttled the Twins, 14-4, Wednesday afternoon, and a lot of good things happened for the Mets, there was a lot of fun stuff for them to talk about and laugh about. It’s a second-straight road series win after...

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